Human Resource Enhancement

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Lower Your HR & Turnover Costs

Unnecessary employee turnover costs you money.

It’s not just the direct costs—the costs of having to find and hire new employees—it’s the indirect costs of turnover that eat away at your profits. The indirect costs are many:

  • Lost productivity (or worse still, work stoppage) as remaining team members try to shoulder the load of the employee the quit
  • Lost work time for management—and a resulting drop in team performance—due to the time they must allocate to interviewing, evaluating, and training new hires
  • Reduced morale among remaining team members, leading to lower output and potentially paving the way for others to leave as well
  • Reduced output, even after hiring and training the new employee, until he or she understands and performs the job as well as the employee who quit

These costs add up, and can destroy your business from within.  If you’re looking for proven internal systems to ensure that your organization hires the right person at the outset—Provident Advisor Group is here to help.


Manage Employee Performance

Managing employee performance is crucial to the success of your employees and your organization as a whole. A complaint we often hear from employees in our assessments is that their role lacks definition or that they aren’t receiving feedback from managers.

What can be done?

Provident’s Performance Management and Accountability System® (PMAS®) encourages regular communication and feedback with your employees. Most importantly, it is designed to enhance the competencies of your associates, enabling them to meet their job responsibilities. The PMAS® also includes a regular appraisal and individual training program for new and current associates.

Human Resource Enhancement

Get HR Support

Is your business struggling without an HR department? Provident provides Human Resources support for small to medium-size businesses. Our HR Support Systems include:

  • HR phone and email support
  • Remote support from HR professionals (including workers’ compensation)
  • HR manager training
  • Forms, procedures, guidelines and relevant HR documentation specific to your business
  • Active and archived case management of member inquires
  • Guaranteed next-business-day response on HR inquires
  • Monthly newsletters containing regulatory updates, monthly HR to-do list, and helpful articles
  • Legal Services (legal consultations, contract and document review, debt collection assistance, legal correspondence, trial defense services)

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