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HR Development and Processes

Are you tired of constant employee turnover? Provident Advisor Group has the power and resources to save your company time and money while increasing productivity. We'll help you lower your employee turnover rate


Direct & Indirect Effects of Employee Turnover

  • Lost productivity

    Hire the right people for the job and reduce turnover without having existing employees taking on other responsibilities while putting their direct tasks aside

  • Lost work time for management

    Management gets tied up with hiring and re-delegation of tasks, resulting in a drop in team performance—due to the time they must allocate to interviewing, evaluating, and training new hires

  • Reduced morale among remaining team members

    Employee turnover leads to lower output and potentially paving the way for others to leave as well

  • Reduced output

    Even after hiring and training the new employee, output decreases until he or she understands and performs the job as well as the employee who quit

These costs add up, and can destroy your business from within.  If you’re looking for proven internal systems to ensure that your organization hires the right person at the outset — Provident Advisor Group is here to help work with us today!

Manage Employee Performance

What can be done?

Managing employee performance is crucial to the success of your employees and your organization as a whole. A complaint we often hear from employees in our assessments is that their role lacks definition or that they aren’t receiving feedback from managers.

Provident’s Performance Management and Accountability System® (PMAS®) encourages regular communication and feedback with your employees. Most importantly, it is designed to enhance the competencies of your associates, enabling them to meet their job responsibilities. The PMAS® also includes a regular appraisal and individual training program for new and current associates.

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Get HR Support Your Need!

Is your business struggling without an HR department? Direct and indirect costs of poor HR support and high employee turnover can add a ton of unnecessary cost to your business and decrease productivity. Provident Advisor Group provides Human Resources support for small to medium-size businesses. Our HR Support Systems include:

  • HR Phone & Email Support

  • Remote HR Support

  • HR Manager Training

  • Legal Services

  • Full HR Case Management

  • Guaranteed Next Day Response

  • Monthly HR Newsletters

  • Access to HR Documentation


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We understand the challenges faced by Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) owners in an increasingly competitive marketplace. That’s why we take great pride in delivering customized business solutions that help them decrease costs, increase revenue, and compete effectively against much larger corporate entities.

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