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We offer you unbeatable rates and concierge-level merchant processing

Eliminate Hidden Costs

Save Money On Merchant Services

Running your own business is hard and the way you accept payments shouldn't be harder! Here at Provident Advisor Group, we are your local credit card processing experts that go directly to the credit card processing company to find you the best rates possible. No middlemen, no hidden fees, and rate protection guaranteed! Once you work with Provident Advisor Group we will be the last call you ever have to make when it comes to your merchant processing account.

  • Lower your Merchant Services costs

    You’ll be surprised by how much you can save. We’ll find all the hidden costs in your current merchant processing contract and then we shop the market for you and find the lowest-cost processor to suit your needs.

    But we don’t disappear after the sale. We continue to monitor the rates to make sure they stay low, and should the rates ever increase, we’ll negotiate them back down on your behalf. In essence, we take care of everything–we’re the last person you’ll have to talk to about credit card processing.

  • We go to bat for our clients

    Provident gives you an additional level of support on top of the support offered by the card processor. When it comes to protecting our clients, we’re not afraid to stand up to shady vendors and third parties on your behalf.

    On top of savings you’ll get with us from lower fees and better rates, our industry expertise and client-first approach, we’ve helped clients avoid tens of thousands of dollars in losses to returns and chargebacks.

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Online Payment Gateways

Connect with your customers from anywhere in the world! If your selling products online you need a way to capture that customers' credit card payment quickly, conveniently, and securely. Provident Advisor Group is able to offer you a customizable POS system with an integrated Online Payment Gateway all-in-one package for the convenience and ease of use to run your business in person and online. The rates we offer will beat any other online payment gateway out on the market today!


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We understand the challenges faced by Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) owners in an increasingly competitive marketplace. That’s why we take great pride in delivering customized business solutions that help them decrease costs, increase revenue, and compete effectively against much larger corporate entities.

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